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Staff Rules
1. Only no-clip while ON DUTY

2. Do not give money out to ANY players. (For groups that can spawn money)

3. Never kick ANY other staff member on the server unless they're abusing. Ex: Admin Kicks Senior Admin Reason:Abusing = Allowed

4.While on duty you CANNOT own any piece of property. ( Cars,doors)

5.Respect all the members of the community and staff.

6.Always give reason for your bans/kicks.

7.Always help people out.

8. If someone is calling for admin, teleport to them. (If no staff on duty feel free to tp to them if you are not breaking any serious roleplay with a user).

9.You must be active on the server, if you're not on for 2 weeks it's a demotion. ( Unless discussed with us ) .

10.Do not abuse your powers, only use them for admin purposes.

11.Do NOT printer farm while on duty.

12.Do NOT brag about your rank.

13.If another staff is on duty and you're not don't take the call.

14.Do NOT set your job to any custom classes/Job EVER. ( t-mod to admin )

16.If you become staff member, make sure your forum name is the exact same as your in-game.

*You only get 3 strikes. You get strikes by abusing or getting accepted reports.*

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