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Bad vibes staff app
1. What is your steam ID: (steamid.io) STEAM_0:1:458531240

2. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) Bad Vibes.

3. What is your first legal name? Leandro.

4. How old are you? Im 14.

5. How many hours do you have on the server? [b][i]I don't really know I don't see an hour counter on the server.[/i][/b]

6. What do you want to do to help the server? [b][i]I want to be there on the server when the players that join just to minge so I can just ban then because the server is still growing and players that are looking to mrdm join low player based servers most of the time so I want to be here when that happens so players don't leave and enjoy the server. 


7. Have you ever contributed to Undiscovered RP? [b][i]No, I have not but I will when the server gets around 20 players.[/i][/b]

8. Describe your previous experience as staff if you have any. (Don't post IP) [b][i]I was staff on elitelupes RP and I was also an admin on asapgaming rp. [/i][/b]

9. What does it mean to “be staff” I'm my opinion to be staff its like your the server's protector you are there to protect the server from players that want to break rules. and you are also there to help new players.

10. What is your timezone? EDT/Eastern Daylight Time.

11. How often will you be able to play a day? (Time Schedule) [b][i]I will be able to play just about every day except Sundays i don't have school atm so I will be on most of the time.[/i][/b]

12. Do you speak any other languages? If so please list them. [b][i]yes i speak Spanish that's just about all. [/i][/b]

13. Tell us some things about yourself [b][i]I like to play gmod it was one of my first games on steam I also like to help some ppl make servers I know a bit about Lua not much but a Lil bit I have 978 hours on gmod I'm about to get 1k and I can't wait lol I'm also Hispanic and I have a girlfriend that I love and care for. [/i][/b]

14.Why do you want to be staff? [b][i]I want to be staff on the server because i feel like this server could be good and blow up one day I also want to help the server and make sure everyone that plays on it is having a fun time and enjoying there stay I also like to do other things instead of just basing and raiding all the time. I like helping players it just makes me feel good when I help someone and make them feel happy that's what i want to do. I also want to make sure no one joins the server just to fuck around and rdm ppl.[/i][/b]

Love Vibes ❤#7203

Good with forums  Angel

1k hours on Garry's mod
-1 need more hours

badmin gang  Heart Heart 
Besides more hours my application is good and you can tell I put the time into making it and I truly want to be staff on the server to help players.

Love Vibes ❤#7203

Good with forums  Angel

1k hours on Garry's mod
If i see you hit 24 hours i will do a +1 -AndrewIsTooCool
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