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wwyatt07 staff application
wwyatt07's staff application

1. What is your steam ID: (steamid.io)
1. My steam ID is STEAM_0:0:218245210

2. What is your IGN? (In Game Name)
2. my in game name is wwyatt07

3. What is your first legal name?
3. my first legal name is Wyatt.

4. How old are you?
4. i am 13 years old as of right now

5. How many hours do you have on the server?
5. i have 2.52 hrs on game at this moment but i am trying to play more often 

6. What do you want to do to help the server?
6. I want to help this server grow into a large community because its a one of a kind type of server that i want to see more people in and i hope to see people play this server more often

7. Have you ever contributed to Undiscovered RP?
7. I haven't heard of undiscovered RP so i have not contributed to this RP yet

8. Describe your previous experience as staff if you have any. (Don't post IP)
8. I haven't been any staff on any other Garry"s mod servers, but i am a Co owner on a discord server and i take my role seriously. i respect the rules and i will try my best to enforce them

9. What does it mean to “be staff”
9.Being staff can mean a lot of things but i personally think that being staff means helping people learn to like a server and helping people with their in game problems those are my personal opinions but other people can have different opinions

10. What is your timezone?
10. my timezone is central standard time for the place where i live

11. How often will you be able to play a day? (Time Schedule)
11. I can play up to 4 to 5 hours a day and sometimes more 

12. Do you speak any other languages? If so please list them.
12. i just speak English but i am trying to learn more languages

13. Tell us some things about yourself
13.I have had Brain Surgery. I am in middle school where i get home from school by about 4:30 central standard time. i like the colors Blue and purple. my favorite sport is tennis (i used to play but cant since i am still healing from brain surgery). i like virtual reality. Garry's mod is my favorite game to play on the computer. dying light is my favorite console game. beat saber is my favorite virtual reality game to play. i have a large scar on the back of my head. my birthday is in march.

14.Why do you want to be staff?
14. I want to be staff so i can watch this server grow into a large community and i want to help other players learn about this server because its a one of a kind server that should be more populated in my own personal opinion and i want to help people if they are having problems on this server
Congratulations! See a Head Admin+ for training.

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