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Indeterminate Pink Tomato Variety
Type: Indeterminate Hybrid F1
Fruit Color: deep pink
Fruit Weight: 260g to 320g
Fruit Shape: round
Vigor: strong
Resistance to TYLVC,leaf spot disease ,root nematodes and capsicum chlorosis virus.
Ideal For: both open field and greenhouse
Pink greenhouse tomato varieties variety is early ripening. Its bright pink fruit are 260g to 320g,round with stretch sepal. Strong continuous fruit setting ability, fruit expanding fast,high shaped fruits and uniform, no green shoulder, high brightness in the fruit surface, thick flesh, excellent commodity. Indeterminate. Hybrid F1.
Quality Standard
PurityNeatnessGermination RateMoistureQuantityShelf Life
≥98%≥99%≥90%≤8%1000unit/bagTwo Year
Seed TypeHybrid F1Indeterminate Pink Tomato Variety

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