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PVC Geomembrane supplier
1.   Introduction of PVC Pond Liner:
PVC Pond Liner is a kind of waterproof material, produced basic raw material of high molecular polymer. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pond Liner can be produced with fiber reinforced layer on the back which is widely used in the roofs of civil buildings, tunnels, channels, subways, highways, planting roofs, and etc.
PVC Pond Liner features in: 
1. Fine combination of high elasticity with tensile strength.
2. Nice resistance to static electricity.
3. Excellent resistance to ageing / various weathering.
4. Durable, PVC Pond Liner can be used more than 20 years if exposed surfaces, If used on non-exposed surfaces, it can reach 50 years.
5. Fine flexibility at low temperature, adaptable to wide temperature range.
6. Root-resistance, PVC Pond Liner can be used on the planting roofs.
7. Excellent UV-resistance, environmental friendly.
8. Easily operation.
2.   Product Specification of PVC Pond Liner:
3.   Product Application of PVC Pond Liner:
1, Environmental protection and sanitation: landfill, power plant regulation pool, industrial, hospitals.
2, Water conservancy projects: rivers and lakes reservoir, dam seepage and leakage, the canal seepage control, slope protection.
3, Municipal engineering: subway, planting roof, sewage pipe seepage control.
4, Petrochemical, chemical plants & refineries: storage tanks, seepage control, chemical reaction pool.
5, Mining: washing pool, pool heap leaching, heap yard, dissolving tank.
6, Agriculture: reservoir, the drinking pool, seepage of irrigation system.
7, Aquaculture: factory breeding pool, fish pond, shrimp ponds,
sea cucumber.
4.   Product Qualification of PVC Pond Liner:
5.   Product Packing and Delivery of PVC Pond Liner:
Package: Inner paper tube + Outer bags
Delivery Detail: 1 week for a 20ft container 
 PVC Geomembrane supplier

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