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LimitedThreatz Staff App
1. What is your steam ID: (steamid.io) STEAM_0:1:216898693

2. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) LimitedThreatz

3. What is your first legal name?Dean

4. How old are you? 13

5. How many hours do you have on the server? idk tbh

6. What do you want to do to help the server? Have the server follow rules, not abuse, be kind to everyone, and help them if needed

7. Have you ever contributed to Undiscovered RP? Not really

8. Describe your previous experience as staff if you have any. (Don't post IP) Ive been staff manager on server, mod, admin, co-owner, ect and i have 900 hours on gmod

9. What does it mean to “be staff” Kind, dont abuse, help one and other that counts staff, and treat everyone the same

10. What is your timezone? PST

11. How often will you be able to play a day? (Time Schedule) Everyday except for sick days and ill give a heads up and ill play for 1-3 hours a day and longer on weekends and summer soon.

12. Do you speak any other languages? If so please list them. No

13. Tell us some things about yourself I love the play video games, im in school right now, im kind responsible and respectful, ect

14.Why do you want to be staff? To help out and contribute to the server and its kinda new so i'd like to help staff too.
DM me on discord
Respect is for those who deserve it, not for those who demand it.

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