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UDRP Rules
Take your time and read ALL the rules. Failing to do so and breaking them ingame may result in a temporary or permanant ban depending on the offense. Rules are subject to change and may be changed without warning. Make sure to check for any changes so you can enjoy your experience without any problems.

*Keep in mind that the rules are subject to change. In order to stay up-to-date, we recommend that you reread the rules weekly*

Interaction with Admins

Admins are here to help you, do not argue or provoke them, follow the rules, and when requesting an admin try to explain yourself the best way. Follow what the admin says even if it is not specified in the rules and do not start arguing with them, if an admin breaks a rules or being extremely rude to you, you may report him on the forums. Remember that the admins are administrating to make your experience and play time better, please respect them (as well the other players on the server).

General Rules

DO NOT disrespect/harass/troll/be prejudice towards your fellow players.
DO NOT hack/exploit/cheat.
DO NOT chat spam. (send massive/repeated messages constantly)
DO NOT Impersonate staff members.
DO NOT disconnect to avoid punishment or while being raided.. This may result in perm/temp ban
NO ADVERTISING OF ANY KIND. (links in RP name, links in chat)
DO NOT spam the Knock or Punch function.
DO NOT body block unless it makes complete sense in the context of the role-play.
DO NOT attempt to find or take advantage of loopholes in our rules. This will result in a swift and severe punishment
No offensive/inappropriate names
If a staff member tells you to do something, listen. The staff is here for a reason.
Staff word is FINAL.(If you think the staff is misunderstanding you, or missing any important information, report it on the forums.)

General RP Rules

Fear RP applies. (if someone is following you with a gun out you may open fire)
RDM is not allowed. (RDM is the act of killing or attacking someone without reason relating to the context of RP)
You cannot "Friend Claim". This is the act of killing anyone who kills someone else just because you claim to be "friends". To be valid "friends", you must have some RP relation to that character! (basing with him, in his gang, or his body guard)
DO NOT Break NLR (New Life Rule)
DO NOT Fail RP. This is the act of failing to RP with a job properly within the scope of the rules. If you are in a specific job requiring you to carry out specific duties and you are failing to carry out those duties, you will be demoted. (President basing with criminals, etc) This includes killing yourself to avoid a role play situation.
DO NOT Random Demote. This is when you demote someone without good reason. You only need to demote when a staff member is not online to help you and a person has violated the rules in any way.
DO NOT Job Abuse. This is the act of abusing a job for personal gain and avoiding your role-play responsibility. (switching gun dealer to buy yourself weapons then switching back to another job, etc)
DO NOT scam anyone. (pretending to sell items or services and then take the money without providing those items or services)
DO NOT metagame. Using OOC (Out of Character) information to benefit yourself in an IC (In Character) situation.
DO NOT re-lock doors or fading doors with the intent of slowing down a raider.
DO NOT abuse hitboxes. This is the act of being able to shoot someone without them being able to shoot you back!
DO NOT use grenades/rpgs for anything besides raiding or protecting your base from a raid. Flashbangs are considered to be grenades.
DO NOT use multiple adverts in one. 2 is the max allowed.
No wars with 30+ people on the server.
If there is no mayor, Every law under Law 3 is not valid.
There is no advert steal.
DO NOT demote for non-rp reasons.
DO NOT randomly fire your weapon. This is FAILRP.
You cannot place a hit on someone in your own party.
You can NOT break down random doors! only during raids.

Prop Rules

DO NOT prop spam. (excessively spawning props)
DO NOT prop kill. (killing players with props)
DO NOT spawn extremely large or explosive props that may lag or kill people.
DO NOT build in the streets or public areas.
DO NOT prop block! (purposely block players using props)
DO NOT prop trap! (trapping players with props)
DO NOT prop climb. (using props to get an altitude advantage to buildings or bases)
DO NOT prop surf. (Spawning a prop and using it to get around or fly on)
DO NOT prop bridge. (Using props to get from one elevated place to another)
DO NOT use props to avoid role-play situations. (self kill or prop push)
DO NOT Prop Launch (Launching yourself with a prop)
You may not no collide a prop then hide in it to avoid raiders and pop out and kill people! but you may use no collide doors and go through them in your base
You may not build NEAR or IN spawn

Building Rules

DO NOT build huge tunnels as a hobo!
DO NOT force players to crouch to get keypads!
One ways are allowed but you cannot shoot through them.
DO NOT block off public areas!
DO NOT edit or build during a raid (adding keypads, fading doors, or props)
Absolutely NO black/dark/white room bases, making it hard to navigate
Keypads must be near the door and cannot be hidden at all. You cannot have fake keypads.
Bases can have a max of 6 fading doors! (only exception is mega-base. See mega-base rules for further information.)
When building you MUST have a "Building" text screen visible to players, and CANNOT have ANY entities inside your base (shipments, guns, printers, etc)
When a player is building you cannot raid them.
If a player has been building for too long, please consult with a staff to check out their base.
Building should only take roughly 10-15 minutes, anything longer is suspect for admins/staff to check up on you.
Kill boxes are not allowed.
Force Crouch bases are not allowed.
Maze bases are not allowed.
Minimum fading door delay is 4 Seconds.
Bases that are seen as unaccessable/unraidable will undergo inspection by an online staff member to see if it is allowed/not allowed!
You may not build a fake tunnel base! (making a base in a tunnel on the edge of the map and materializing it so it looks like the tunnel)
Explosives may be used only for base (you may have a max of 1 explosive within your base as long as it is not unraidable)
Deciding whether a base is unraidable is determined by the staff, and you may be asked to make your base more "raidable"!
If you cannot raid a base using only the keypad cracker and lockpick, it is unraidable.

Vape Rules

Do not vape during or near admin sits.
Vaping may not be used as an advantage during raids.
Do not spam the vape sounds
Party Rules

Party members may only occupy one base at a time.
Must advert "party raid" to raid with party members.
Players are not allowed to join a party during an active raid.

Mega-Base Rules

No more than 8 Fading doors.
There must be a minimum of 20 people online for a mega base.
Must be in a party (Minimum of 5 in a party, maximum of 8, Staff On Duty don't count)
You may only construct a mega-base in an area that is blocked off by tunnels. (No mega base in fountain, etc.)
Mega bases MUST be approved by staff (Senior Moderator or higher. Yes, this means no mega base if there are no staff on)
Construction cannot commence until after you have 5 players in a party.
If someone in your party leaves AFTER the mega base has been established that causes you to have less than 5 people, you have 10 minutes to find another player
ALL doors in the mega base must be purchased
If someone already owns a base where you want to build a mega base, you must work it out with them. They do not have to leave if they don't wish too. If they don't want to be part of the base, you cannot build it. They can, however, join your party and join the mega base. (Remember you might have to change your base to accommodate the fading door rule for mega bases)

Wire Rules

DO NOT make an unraidable base! (it will be inspected by and admin and they will decide whether it is allowed/not allowed)
The use of any e2 that allows you to prop surf/climb/push is prohibited.
The use of e2 jump scares is prohibited.
The use of any e2 over 3000 ops is prohibited.
The use of people finders, printer finders, and anything that allows you to see the location of someone or their entities through a wall is not allowed.
The use of e2 to give yourself an advantage over other players is prohibited. This includes cloaking yourself, killing other players, and any other e2 deemed unfair by staff.
You can not have any auto entities ex: Printers/Oil ETC

Raiding Rules

DO NOT use a camera that is no collided to see inside another player's base.
Raid cooldown is 5 minutes
DO NOT raid the same base within 10 minutes.
PD Raid cooldown is 10 minutes
You must "/advert raid"
There must be at least 2 government officials (CP's, SWATS or Riot Police) to be able to raid the PD!
Base takeovers ARE allowed.
You must "/advert Base takeover" AFTER taking control of the base.
During a base takeover, the base owners and their party members ARE allowed to return to their base.
Takeovers may only last up to 10 minutes.
You are NOT allowed to build during a takeover.
Government officials can break NLR ONLY DURING A PD RAID and after waiting 2 minutes
Counter raiding is not allowed
The attacker must have a chance to see the defender when they're using a weapon. (No blind fire)
You must be outside the property you're wanting to raid.

Mugging Rules

DO NOT Mug the same person within 8 minutes
Mug cooldown is 5 minutes
Max mugging is $10,000
If you mug someone who is moving, make sure you are in their field of vision
You must "/advert mug <amount>"
If one party member mugs a player, the mug cooldown for that specific person applies for the entier party
The minimum drop timer is 10 seconds, only after this time can the mugger kill their target. This can only be bypassed if the advert contains constraints like no weapons out or no moving etc

Car Rules

You must /advert carjack to steal someone's car. You can steal a person car once every 20 minutes.
If you race someone and there is money involved, you must pay up or it's failrp.
Max amount to sell someone's car back to them is $10,000.

Job Rules


The President must lead civil protection and assign them tasks
The President has to make reasonable laws! (legalizing drugs is not allowed, but prohibiting/allowing all guns is allowed)
President cannot have illegal items (printers, drugs, etc)
President must base in the PD, but can venture out to visit his citizens
No random lockdowns of any sort, please give a reason over "/broadcast"
President cannot have any weapon bigger than a pistol
All laws made by mayor must be RP related
DO NOT make a law allowing Random Weapon Checking
Do not make toxic laws.

Civil Protection (CP), SWAT / SWAT MEDIC

Civil Protection / SWAT / Mayors are not allowed to own/use drugs
Civil Protection / SWAT / Mayors are NOT allowed to use printers
Civil Protection / SWAT / Mayors have to enforce the law and use the police department as their base
Civil Protection / SWAT / Mayors can arrest anyone for having illegal weapons or drugs
Civil Protection / SWAT / Mayors can shoot anyone for murder unless the suspect is acting in self-defense
Stun stick abuse is NOT allowed
Random Weapon Checking is NOT allowed. There must be an RP reason to check a player for illegal weapons
Arresting for no reason (RDA) is NOT allowed
Warranting to check a house without any proof of contraband is not allowed! Must have a valid RP reason to warrant player homes
You must /wanted someone before arresting someone. To do so /wanted <name> <reason>
Making someone wanted for revenge or done randomly without an RP reason is not allowed

Hotel Owner

Hotel owners are the only ones allowed to own the doors to the dedicated hotel building.
You must rent out apartments to people.
You may only deny access to rent out an apartment for roleplay reasons. Just because you don't like someone isn't an RP reason.
There are no minimum or maximum room prices. The Hotel service is a free market. The potential tenants and the owner must come to a reasonable price together.
Hotel owners must advert when a contract begins, who the tenant is, and how long the service will be active before eviction. The owner must include any specifications in the advert. The corresponding tenant must then advert that he has agreed to the contract.
Warrants may be approved on tenants if the contract has expired.
The hotel owner must never be denied access to a room he has rented out if he has a valid RP reason to enter.
The Hotel owner may have 4 fading doors in total. Tenants may have 3 fading doors each.
The Hotel owner can hire guards to protect the hotel.
The Hotel owner may use his/hers guards to evict players if they choose not to pay. Lethal force may be applied after 3 warnings.
The Guards hired by the Hotel owner MUST advert warnings 1,2, and 3 before using lethal force.

Gun Dealers / Black Market Dealers / Heavy Weapon Dealers / Special Weapon Dealers

You must have a shop of some sort
You must sell to everyone
You are allowed to sell for any price within reason of RP
You may NOT Raid
Self Supply is NOT allowed! With the exception of small firearms such as a pistol for self defense (Self Supply - supplying self with weapons)
Two players with the same dealer job may not base together (Gun Dealer/BMD basing with another Gun Dealer/BMD)
You do not need a gun license as a Gun Dealer/BMD to sell guns, unless the Mayor has added a law requiring you to have one


You must attempt to be hired
You cannot help raid as a bodyguard. You guard bases, you DO NOT raid people
You need to be guard of a base
You CANNOT be a guard of the Police Department
Do not own a base by yourself
Guards hired by Hotel owners must /advert 3 warnings minimal to use lethal force to evict a tenant.


Max price for hits is $50,000
DO NOT sell out to the player you have a hit on (telling the player who placed the hit)
DO NOT accept hits on/from the same person within 5 minutes
Killing anyone besides your hit is RDM and you will be punished
You may not be assisted by any party members if you fail a hit.

Hobo and Hobo King

Throwing Bug Bait is KOS (Kill on Sight)
Bases may only consist of small shacks on sidewalks, NOT in the street
You CANNOT restrict the access of players to pass by or through your home
You may ask people for money, this MAY result in you being killed if the player does not like it
You may mic spam as a hobo
You may not own a gun only a melee weapon.

Terrorist Leader, Terrorist

As a Terrorist/Terrorist Leader, if you "/advert terror", you may ONLY kill 3 players! MUST INCLUDE 1 CP (5 minute cooldown)
After adverting terror, you have 2 minutes to get the 3 kills
As the Terrorist Leader you may "/advert Allah" to use your jihad bomb. You MUST kill AT LEAST 1 CP in the mix of people you blow up (10 minute cooldown)
As a Terrorist/Terrorist Leader you may ONLY raid the PD (you need to gang up with thieves to lock pick through the PD door)
Terrorists and Terrorist Leader may have printers


You MUST advertise "Rape" in chat (5 minute cooldown)
DO NOT rape Staff on Duty

Cinema Owner

Basing anywhere other than the cinema is NOT allowed.
Ear rape is NOT allowed.
Any racist or sexual content is NOT allowed and WILL result in a ban.
You are allowed to sell tickets for a maximum of 25,000$ per ticket.


You MUST "/advert Kidnap" in chat before kidnapping someone (5 minute kidnap cooldown)
You may not kidnap the same person more than once every 20 minutes
Maximum ransom is $50,000
If the player cannot pay, you may kill them, only after offering them 3 chances to pay it

Pub Owner/DJ

No racist music! (This means trying to be racist. Lyrics with occasional racist words are okay)
If you are the pub owner, you must have a pub open. You cannot raid, but you can defend your pub.
If players are disrupting your pub, you may ask them to leave.
DJ's are considered the Bard of DarkRP. You may roam the streets alone, but you can base with someone else as well. You cannot raid.


You forget everything from your past life (except your base)
When being raided and killed, this means you cannot come back to the general area of where you were killed until the raid is called off
You cannot go back to kill the person that last killed you

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