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'Kobayashi's Application'
1. What is your steam ID: (steamid.io): STEAM_0:1:110782291

2. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) Kobayashi 

3. What is your first legal name? Lucas 

4. How old are you? 13

5. How many hours do you have on a server? A Long time.

6. What do you want to do to help the server? I want to punish the rule breakers swiftly to better ensure that they know they cannot just come and toy with a community and it's staff to cause trouble. I want to help in sits as they can get quite stressful for some people and I believe that they shouldn't have to be that stressed or upset about something so I want to help keep everyone happy and construct a positive environment for future players.

7. Have you ever contributed to Undiscovered RP?
Yes, a good amount of addons.

8. Describe your previous experience as staff if you have any. (Don't post IP)
ViscaGaming - Moderator Achieved,
Hyplex - Trial Moderator Achieved
DeathRP - Superadmin Achieved 
Many more servers I have had experiences on yet some are just slipping my mind Sad Also some of the above have shutdown or I have been demoted from for one reason or another like inactivity because of real life issues.

9. What does it mean to “be staff”
To be staff, is to be able to deliver swift justice while making sure everyone is satisfied with the outcome. Being staff is to keep the community happy as a whole, and make sure they are able to keep going on like that even if you must sacrifice roleplaying for staff duties.

10. What is your timezone? 

11. How often will you be able to play a day? (Time Schedule)
Every single day I can promise you about 2 - 3 Hours or more.

12. Do you speak any other languages? If so please list them.
No. ;(

13. Tell us some things about yourself
Young, experienced in the Garry's mod DarkRP community. I've had many positions as staff on different servers so I have kind of gained some sense about that. I love to watch Anime some of my favorites are 'Kakegurui' , 'No Game, No Life' and many more titles!

14. Why do you want to be staff?
I want to be a Staff Member to help the server and do many tasks such as handling chat disputes, punishing rule-breakers, and defending the server from any other possible threatening ways that may come. Multiple times I've been on servers, the load of players can not be handled by the small team of staff. I've fully read the rules and obviously since my past, I know all the secrets which people do to rule break, I'm not a rule breaker, at least I try not to but in some sits I may be in the wrong because of a new rule or something like that (never on purpose), but due to my past, I feel like I'd be an asset to the community by finding out rule breakers who do whatever to break rules. I feel like due to my experience with other communities, I'd be an amazing person to have on the staff team. I'm always constantly on Garry's Mod, I currently have a ton of hours game time on Garry's Mod.  I could put this spare time into this DarkRP server, bettering the server in any possible way I can. I wish to make the community cleaner of rule breakers in any possible way I can. Due to all of the servers I've been staff on, I feel that I could better this community and put all of my experience dedicated into the Undiscovered community.

Sincerely the Weeb,

msg me on discord for more info

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