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Steel's Mod Application
1. What is your steam ID: 76561198827218585

2. What is your IGN? Steel

3. What is your first legal name? Jacob

4. How old are you? 14

5. How many hours do you have on the server? 22 hours

6. What do you want to do to help the server? catch bad people

7. Have you ever contributed to Undiscovered RP? no

8. Describe your previous experience as staff if you have any. no

9. What does it mean to “be staff” to be someone who keeps control on the server and keep people within server rules

10. What is your timezone? central

11. How often will you be able to play a day? depends it may be for weeks then might not be for a while i go between my house and my grandma's

12. Do you speak any other languages? If so please list them. Nope. Just english

13. Tell us some things about yourself i like gaming am basically anti social in real-life

14.Why do you want to be staff? to help the undiscoverd community
-1 you're extremely active in game, you seem mature. the reason i gave you a -1 was because you need to put more effort into your app. reapply with a better app Smile
-1 Played with you in game, cool dude, but when I first looked at your application literally thought it was blank,, maybe add some color And some more detailed sentences so we can get a better idea on why you should be on the Team.
Your Opinion probably doesn't matter Wink
Please reapply with a better application.
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

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