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China Egg Tray Machine suppliers
China Egg Tray Machine suppliers
Superior Output Performance Fully Automatic Egg Tray Equipment ET7200
Product introduction
Stock preparation: recycled papers cut into small pieces, mixing with water, adding chemicals, to form qualified fibers or say pulp.
Wet Product Making: piping the qualified pulp to the forming section, getting out the water with vacuum, leaving the fiber on the mold mesh, and shaping into wet product.
Drying up the Wet Product drying: automatically putting the wet product into the drying boxes, burning the fuels like natural gas, LPG, ect., to dry up the wet products.
Stacking Dried Products: automatically moving out the dried egg trays from the drying boxes, and putting the dried products stacked together at the end of the production line.
Product feature and application
Use SEW motors and Siemens Electrical components to do the intelligent controlling upon the system.
Using Japanese drying technology, highly efficient and energy saving.
Production details
PULPING SYSTEM: including pulper, stock pumps, water pumps, vibration screen(optional), water tanks, stock tanks, agitators, consistency controllers(optional), controlling cabinets.
FORMING SYSTEM: rotary drum(4-face), 6 pieces per drop, including 24 forming molds.
DRYING SYSTEM: use natural gas, LPG, LNG, diesel, steam and thermo oil as the heating energy to dry the product.
STACKING SYSTEM: automatically to stack the dried products.
VACUUM SYSTEM: to supply vacuum.
AIR COMPRESSOR SYSTEM: to supply compressed air.
HIGH PRESSURE WATER SYSTEM: to supply high pressure water for mold washing and product edge elimination.
Production consumption
Waste Paper:396-468kg
Electricity:280-340KW/HR, Heated by electricity
Chemical for Water Resistance:10-13KG
Product qualification
CSA, UL (optional).
Main Superior Quality COMPONENTS BRANDS:
Electrical componentsSIEMENS, ABB
Guide pillarsHIWIN
Pneumatic SystemAIRTAC
Reducer SEW
Deliver, shipping and serving
Life-long service, sustainable supply and upgrade of parts and components.
One-year warranty( three-year warranty for mechanical parts and main structure).China Egg Tray Machine suppliers

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