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My Trial Mod Staff Application Essay
Hello, I am irish.grayson and I am applying for staff for the minecraftRP server. My steam ID is STEAM_0:1:190299848, and my in-game name is irish.grayson. My first legal name is Sean, and I am 13. I have about a day on the server and I will be getting addons for the server during Christmas. In this essay I will discuss what it means to be staff, why I want to be staff and some extra facts.

  My first point is what it means to be staff, to be staff is to be a mature and respectable member of the community. Except when you are staff you have the responsiblities of managing sits and helping players. As staff you may not break any rule as you are a rolemodel for the players. Another aspect of being staff is having patience with players that are new or inexperienced. You need to be mature during sits as well to ensure that the player experience is fair and enjoyable. You need to be mature and patient because the most important part of being staff is the players enjoyment and experience.

  The reason I want to be staff is because I love this server and its community. I also appreciate and admire the time and effort a lot of admins put into their job and I strive to be like them one day. I also attempt to improve my maturity and patience every day as I never have been staff before. Along with this a lot of players rely on admins to better there game experience. Along with this as a staff member you can improve the server a lot faster than as a regular user. But my main reason is that I love the community that has grown over the past weeks which made me feel happy.

  My 3rd paragraph will be extra information that is needed like what my time zone is. My timezone is US Central and I have been playing gmod for about a year now I have 626 hours on the game. My schedule is usually free but I have school and my homework can sometimes be heavy. So I will most likely be on around the later hours of the night 6-9PM. I dont have much coding experience and the only coding language I know how to use is RobotC http://www.robotc.net/. But I will probably learn more of coding the older I get.

  In conclusion I have said all the reasons as to why I want to be staff and what it means to be staff. But I do know I am inexperienced  and I accept this so I can grow over time. Along with this I love the community and want to have a bigger impact on the server by being staff. I strive to be more mature and patient, along with those aspects of being staff I have a lot of freetime on the weekends. So these are all the reasons that I think I should be trial mod.

RappidGamerZ reccomends me. 
- RappidGamerZ

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